A Prayer for our children


A Prayer for our children


A Prayer For Our Children is a gift of prayers, meditations, scriptures, quotes and liturgy intended to inspire all who love children to pray for their protection, prosperity and possibilities to fulfill their dreams. A Prayer For Our Children is hope overflowing, love over-reaching and faith overwhelming doubt and frustrations. It summons, calls, and challenges people from every nation, town, village or hamlet to come together on one accord: to bless, save and prepare our children for lives filled with promises that overcome the perils of life. It is also an admission that there are answers beyond ourselves that will deliver, liberate and set free. Prayer works. Prayer blesses and prayer liberates.

A Prayer For Our Children is the greatest gift our community of elders, parents, teachers and caring adults can pass onto the next generation.


A Prayer for Our Children has been released and is available as an eBook. It’s marking record sales in both the United Kingdom and Netherlands! 

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