The Reverend Keith Magee, Th.D., Senior Fellow in Culture and Justice
Department: UCL Culture
Venue: UCL Culture


Keith Magee has over 25 years of professional experience as a public intellectual, social justice theologian and fundraiser. He is the Director of The Social Justice Institute, which aims to integrate public policy and theology to impact public life. He is the founding director of the National Public Housing Museum in Chicago, IL, which is committed to being a living cultural experience on social justice and human rights.  During his 5 years of leadership successfully led and initiated the multi-million dollar capital campaign.


The Creating Compassionate Cities project is community-led scheme and research initiative that aims to provide evidence and recommendations on how to build a culture of compassion into urban development. It is designed to be infused with academic and community analyst and workshops, experienced through the lens of arts and culture with the understanding home.  The CCC comprises three main objectives: respond to recent debates over civic engagement and inequality by emphasising the connection between established social and economic structures of cities and the less-recognised question of culture; provide a pioneering comparative study of the American and British urban experience understanding that both share similar patterns, histories and narratives of cities which have routinely been associated with social deprivation, ethnic division, unemployment and a decay of the built and lived environment; and explore a case study of how social and cultural change is affected in the American and British urban experience through the active influence of institutions: specifically, through the impact and investment of universities in city districts.

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